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    IVO works - Francesco Colombo

    Monza (Milan) - Italy


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    Francesco Colombo

    Born at the end of 80's in Monza (Milan), house of the Italian F1 Grand Prix, I draw sinces I was a child.

    I am graduate in graphic design at the Art Insitute of Monza, where I developed my drawing skills and of course, I'm still improving them.

    I've been living for almost two years In Australia, between Perth and Sydney. Here I came in contact with a different culture that helped growing furtherly my artistic background.

    My style is mainly focused on hand drawing with some digital elements and principles of graphic design.

    Drawing by hand is the most important thing for me: pencil and paper give me  sensations impossible to feel on a tablet.

    Without presumpion, I can define myself as an "Illustrator of Speed" bringing back to life an aesthetic made of fuel, grease and iron. An infinite road trip drawn on paper, with pencil and marker that drives to differnt places.

    Black lines, details and semplicity are the keywords to convey to everyone the essence of my illustrtations. 

    IVO WORKS is the pseudonym which represent myself. I chose this name because IVO was Grandad's name. WORKS was the place where he was used to build and repair bicycles, his big passion. Few years later, after his passing, I've started printing some t-shirt in his basement. From there I decided to use the name of his laboratory because I tough it was a form of respect and a way to remeber him any time.

    IVO works is even a concept to me: it's a set of ideas, something keep moving and evolving. This is exactly what was heppenig any time my Grandad was doing his works in his place.